Spring Cleaning: The Wild Rose Detox

Wild rose detox

Hi Friends,

My husband and I are currently started the Wild Rose Detox 3 days ago. With the emergence of Spring and some great weather we indulged a lot-it’s hard to say no to ice cream. We do a detox about once a year, so we decided now is as good a time as any. It allows for a complete cleaning of the body, and helps to jump start metabolism. We don’t do this for weight loss. The last time we did it we felt amazing and full of energy. The detox is 12 days and during this time I will update you all on how it’s going. But first a little information on this particular one.

When I was searching for a detox, The Wild Rose Detox seemed to be the most comprehensive, and it only uses natural products. It also allows me to eat tons of food. The main restrictions are sugar, white breads, pastas and rice, fermented foods, and dairy (eggs are ok though)-basically the foods we aren’t supposed to eat anyway. In the little booklet that comes with it, it clearly outlines what you can eat (which is a ton of food), and what you shouldn’t. It also tells you percentage wise what to eat from the sections. It follows the 80/20 rule. There are also a lot of pills to swallow. You take 6 pills with breakfast and dinner, and 40 drops of a separate extract as well. You would think with all the technology the world has we could make those pills smaller.

We are currently on day 3, and I am feeling a bit tired. I don’t eat junk regularly, but with the extra cleansing I am feeling it. Finding things to eat is also not a problem. With the great weather, barbecuing is easy, and we still eat brown rice and spinach pastas (with olive oil and spices). My husband finds it a bit harder to figure out what to eat as he is a meat (still allowed, but smaller quantities) and carb eater. What we have figured out though is to look for recipes before hand and only buy what we will eat and use. When you plan ahead you are more likely to stay on track and stick it out for the full 12 days. Many people complain of headaches or dizziness when doing a cleanse, but so far we haven’t felt any of that. I just get a bit tired by the afternoon. What I do find difficult is saying no to ice cream and coffee. I love coffee. It makes me happy when I drink it. Even though I only have 1-2 cups a day, I am trying to stay off of it for this cleanse.

Over the next couple I will share our experiences, and even some recipes that we have used. So check back to see read about our journey.


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